Heart Bypass Surgery Cost in India

Sep 29, 2023

Affordable and High-Quality Solution

When it comes to heart bypass surgery, cost is a significant concern for many patients. However, in India, you can find an affordable and high-quality solution for your cardiac needs. IndoAmerican Health, a reputable medical facilitator in India, offers access to top-notch doctors, medical centers, and an excellent healthcare system, ensuring a successful bypass surgery at a fraction of the cost compared to other countries.

Expert Doctors in the Field

At IndoAmerican Health, we understand the critical role that highly skilled and experienced doctors play in delivering successful outcomes for heart bypass surgeries. We have partnered with some of the best cardiac specialists in India, who have a wealth of expertise and knowledge in performing bypass surgeries. These doctors are renowned for their professionalism, dedication, and commitment to providing excellent patient care.

World-Class Medical Centers

Our associated medical centers in India are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure to ensure precise and efficient bypass surgeries. These facilities adhere to international standards and maintain strict protocols to ensure the highest level of patient safety. Additionally, the medical centers offer comfortable and hygienic accommodation during the recovery period, enhancing the overall patient experience.

The Cost Advantage

One of the primary reasons why patients from around the world choose India for heart bypass surgery is the significant cost advantage. Compared to countries like the United States or the United Kingdom, the cost of heart bypass surgery in India is remarkably lower. This doesn't mean compromising on quality or safety; it means gaining access to high-standard cardiac care and experienced doctors at a fraction of the price.

The precise heart bypass surgery cost in India depends on several factors, including the type of procedure, the complexity of the surgery, the choice of medical center, and the overall patient condition. While it is difficult to provide an exact figure without evaluating individual cases, patients can save up to 70-80% on bypass surgery expenses when compared to Western countries.

The Procedure

Heart bypass surgery, also known as coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG), is a common surgical procedure used to treat patients with blocked or narrowed arteries. During the surgery, the surgeon creates new paths for blood to flow to the heart by using blood vessels taken from other parts of the body. This helps improve blood circulation and restore normal heart function.

The procedure involves multiple steps, including:

  1. Preoperative Evaluation: Prior to the surgery, the patient will undergo a series of tests, including blood tests, ECG, echocardiogram, and angiography, to assess their overall health and determine the severity of the blockages.
  2. Anesthesia: The patient will be given general anesthesia to ensure they remain comfortable and pain-free throughout the surgery.
  3. Grafting: The surgeon will harvest healthy blood vessels, usually from the patient's leg or chest, to create bypasses around the blocked arteries. The number of grafts required depends on the extent of coronary artery disease.
  4. Cardiopulmonary Bypass: To perform the bypass, the surgeon will temporarily stop the heart using a heart-lung machine. This allows them to work on the heart while blood circulation is maintained.
  5. Suturing and Recovery: Once the bypass grafts are in place, the surgeon will carefully suture them into the appropriate locations. The heart is then restarted, and the patient is taken to the recovery room for monitoring.

Recovering from Heart Bypass Surgery

Recovery from heart bypass surgery varies from patient to patient. Following the surgery, patients will be closely monitored in the cardiac ICU and eventually shifted to a regular room. The average hospital stay for heart bypass surgery in India ranges from 4 to 7 days, depending on the individual's recovery progress.

Once discharged, patients will be provided with detailed instructions on post-operative care, including medications, diet, exercise, and follow-up appointments. Regular check-ups and cardiac rehabilitation programs are essential for a successful recovery and long-term well-being.

Why Choose IndoAmerican Health?

IndoAmerican Health is dedicated to facilitating exceptional healthcare experiences for international patients seeking heart bypass surgery in India. We prioritize patient safety, comfort, and positive outcomes. By choosing us, patients can benefit from:

  • Cost Savings: Our affordable heart bypass surgery packages allow patients to save significantly on medical expenses.
  • Quality Care: We partner with leading medical centers and experienced doctors, ensuring high-quality care and excellent results.
  • Comprehensive Support: Our team assists patients throughout the entire medical journey, from travel arrangements and visa assistance to post-operative care.
  • Language Assistance: We provide language interpreters to eliminate communication barriers and ensure a smooth experience.
  • Tourism Opportunities: India is a diverse and culturally rich country, offering immense opportunities for patients to explore and experience its beauty during the recovery period.


If you are looking for affordable heart bypass surgery without compromising on the quality of care, India proves to be an excellent choice. IndoAmerican Health, with its network of expert doctors and world-class medical centers, is committed to providing you with the best possible healthcare experience, ensuring successful outcomes and a speedy recovery. Contact us today to learn more about heart bypass surgery cost in India and take the first step towards a healthier heart.

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